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My Legal Club Limited provide us with our conveyancing service. References to “we” and “our” in this paragraph relate to My Legal Club. In Conveyancing we only work with professional and experienced conveyancing firms, who may contact you directly. Our Solicitors practicing in England & Wales are required to comply with Chapter 9 of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”) Handbook ‘Fee Sharing and Referrals’ and conveyancing firms who are not solicitors are required to comply with the CLC who is the regulator of choice for businesses intending to offer conveyancing services (sometimes referred to as reserved instrument activities) and probate activities. Any reference to a solicitor on our conveyancing pages includes conveyancing firms regulated by the CIC. Any firm we refer you to is an independent professional from whom you will receive impartial and confidential advice. You are of course free to choose another conveyancing firm. We may receive payment from third parties (including conveyancing firms) for passing on your quote details (i.e. by passing customers details to third parties and/or passing third parties’ details to customers). We provide comparison quotes in conveyancing areas of law from conveyancing firms and more information is included within the terms and conditions. Separate terms apply to the rewards, benefits, and memberships. Conveyancing is the legal work associated with a remortgage, transfer of equity, or buying and selling a house. Conveyancing can cost between £350 and £1600 including disbursements and supplementary items such as searches, BACS fees, etc. The costs vary depending on many factors such as the price of the property and the firm involved. All of our firms sign an SLA (service level agreement) to aim for consistency of service standards excluding price. Whilst the prices quoted by our firms are similar please note firms price matters at their sole discretion and each firm is free to quote and produce quotes in line with their own terms of business. We select which firms to include at our discretion. Comparison prices stated are estimates and not to be relied upon. The firm will confirm all relevant details to you, supply their terms and conditions, and provide final confirmation of the quote. The accuracy of the quotes generated is reliant upon a) the pricing information supplied by solicitors being correct and b) the replies to the questions being accurate. Neither My Legal Club, this website, the owners of this website, or any associated party are liable, responsible, to blame for any inaccuracy in the conveyancing quotes generated